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Theatre Screening Information of 5th Beijing International Film Festival Doc-Sector

The aim of the Screening segment is to provide the audience with an opportunity to view a great number of excellent works, and to explore and draw conclusions for the industry on how documentary film can be incorporated into the cinema system. 
The Documentary Sector has selected eleven domestic and foreign films of particularly high quality which will be screened in several theatres. The opening film in the Documentary Sector is Roof of the World. The Documentary Sector will also organize television screenings, salon screenings and press conferences with directors.


——2015 BJIFF Documentary Sector Openning Film



Name: Roof of the World 
Country/Area of Origin: China
Running Time:90 Minutes
Year: 2015
Production Company:Five-Star Legend
Premiere: World Premiere



Synopsis: This documentary film reveals the relation between nature and human beings on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. The high-altitude plateau with harsh natural environment has taught local people to respect environment and reasonably utilize natural resources; it has also helped them develop strong sense of responsibility for their families, and reverence for pure and noble hearts. This film tells several stories in an attempt to show how the relation between nature and human beings is formed, and how local people’s morals and wisdom can make a difference in these stories. The film will reveal the vast land of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and its diverse terrain, the living conditions of rare wild animals here, and local people’s living styles that are typical of an ethnic group. The core of their living styles is spirit. In this film,“Roof of the world” is less a geographic concept than a spiritual notion. At the spiritual level, it is the sense of nobleness and happiness for people living in the high-altitude region.







Name: Cotton
Country/Area of Origin: China
Running Time:84 Minutes
Year: 2014
Production Company:SMG、ICTV、21st Century Media
Awards: Best Documentary of 51st Golden Horse Award, Taiwan.
Grand Jury Award & Best Photography, 4th China Academic Award 



Synopsis: Four principal characters, a farmer, a cotton picker and workers in cotton factories are the protagonists of this character-driven odyssey into the heart of China’s cotton industry, in which we witness the workings of a very labor intensive industry. From the planting and growing of Cotton in the North-Western province of Xinjiang to the fashion weeks organized in China’s Southern province of Guangdong.